Mary Luke Artworks

Mary Luke (b. 1991) currently lives and works in Connecticut. Luke received her BFA in Painting at Syracuse University in 2014. Her works have been exhibited in galleries such as XL Projects and 914Works (Syracuse, NY), Arch Enemy Arts (Philadelphia, PA), the Slater Memorial Art Museum (Norwich, CT) and the Westport Arts Center (Westport, CT). Luke merges existentialist theories and the human figure in her often larger than life mixed-media works.

Artist Statement

Originally based in traditional figure painting, my work has evolved from years of philosophical studies, artistic experiments, and personal existential crises - all of which remove the (ironically) lifelessness I find in much realist art. When this lens is removed, only gesture and raw material are left. Though the literal representation of "Person" is absent, the consciousness of what is universally human is more present than ever. I work with a variety of materials - from the traditional: (oil paint, charcoal) to the less traditional: (studio debris, leaves, nails, dust - byproducts of elder artwork). When combined, these materials spark life in what would normally be perceived as a cold, un-breathing object - at least temporarily. While a painting comes to life, it should expect death, as every organism has before it. I have no desire to halt that natural process - one day my paintings will decay, they will become crippled, or they will be regurgitated, giving birth to something new. This art life cycle is vital to my work.